With a significant experience in commerce, HR and wholesaling, working in a rapidly changing market imaging became my ultimate goal.

Starting from analog photography i worked through custom made laboratories and hand made prints in color and in B/W. Very quickly i saw the change and  i changed my view into the digital era keeping my vast clientel & being the official retoucher for KODAK laboratories in all Greece. …The day after the photography, advertising was the logical expansion.
Bellow the line, branding products, services & companies became an everyday challenge.

Studying the web evolution as it grew and the opportunities that had risen for a great market, SEO skills and online media knowledge gave me another point of view to advertising. In the years that came i became an expert in web advertising as well as developing.

Now, everything my clients want, starting from photographing products, to aerophotography and branding their company, to web developing and online advertising  is an easy task for an experienced one…







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